3 Causes of Uneven Heating in Your Home

All homeowners have experienced temperature imbalances in their home at some point. This particular issue not only affects the comfort of your living space, it may also indicate a serious problem with your heating system. The first step to dealing with uneven heating in your home is to determine what’s causing it in the first place. J & M Air Conditioning & Heating, the premier heating and air conditioning company in the area, shares what you need to know here.


Undersized ductwork. Your ductwork must be sized correctly to ensure your HVAC system can deliver efficient, consistent heating throughout your house. But if the ducts are undersized, the thermal balance will be compromised due to poor airflow. When overlooked, this can put unnecessary strain on the system, increasing the potential for a breakdown. Have your ductwork checked by a trusted HVAC technician to confirm that it’s the reason for uneven heating in your home.

Duct leakage. Openings in the ductwork, whether due to poor insulation or loose joints, can affect airflow throughout your house. If the leaks are sizable, heating energy won’t be able to reach some areas of your home. It will escape the ducts and blow behind walls and crawl spaces instead, driving your energy costs higher. A reliable heating and air conditioning company in your area like J & M Air Conditioning & Heating can seal the leaks in your ductwork and ensure smooth, efficient airflow again.

Rising heat. Did you know there’s a eight-to-10 degree temperature difference between your home’s ground floor and its upper level? This occurs because heat tends to rise naturally, meaning the rooms upstairs will end up warmer than the ones below, allowing for thermal inconsistency. Consult with J & M Air Conditioning & Heating about adding a zoning system to help balance the temperature on different floors.

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