4 Home Heating Myths, Debunked

Despite being a common household utility, myths and misconceptions about home heating still exist. In today’s post, local heating and air conditioning service contractor J & M Air Conditioning & Heating debunks common home heating myths that could be costing you money.


“Bigger furnace equals more effective heating.” HVAC system sizes are supposed to match the home’s livable space. Choose one that’s too small, and it will run at full capacity at all times just to meet your basic heating needs. Choose one that’s too big, and it will result in short-cycling–turning off and on too often, which will cause a higher level of wear that can lead to a premature breakdown. HVAC professionals like us will consider the house’s total living area (among other factors) when choosing the right heating system for our clients.

“The heater should be turned off when the house is unoccupied.” There’s some misguided logic to this myth. Your heating or air conditioning system may not consume fuel or electricity when it’s off, but it will run at full capacity for a much longer time when you turn it back on because your heating system has to bring your entire house up to the desired temperature. Comparatively, keeping your heating system running at a lower temperature will result in correspondingly low consumption. If you regularly leave the house unoccupied, consider investing in a programmable thermostat.

“Space heaters prevent drafts and cold spots.” A properly-designed heating system should provide even heating throughout the house. Space heaters are not a solution to drafts or cold spots. Instead, look into what’s causing these problems in the first place. Poor insulation and leaky windows are among the most common causes of drafts and cold spots, and addressing these problems at the source is a more cost-effective long-term solution.

“It’s okay to wait until your heating system breaks down before replacing it.” Nobody knows when their HVAC system will completely break down — what if it happens in the middle of winter? You might end up spending several days in utter discomfort while waiting for a replacement. This is why regular maintenance is important. One of the jobs of an HVAC technician during a maintenance check is to determine your HVAC system’s health and estimate its remaining service life. Having an old heating system replaced or upgraded in a timely manner (ideally off-season) can help ensure comfort in your home all-year-round.

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