4 Tips for Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Spring

The spring season is once again upon us, which means you should get started on your home maintenance checklist, with your HVAC system being one of your top priorities. In today’s post, local HVAC company J & M Air Conditioning & Heating shares tips on how to prepare your HVAC system for spring.


Replace the air filters. Air filters typically get filled to capacity every three months, or even once a month during seasons of heavy use. Your HVAC system will likely need a new filter by the end of the winter season, so you should add air filter replacement to your list of HVAC maintenance tasks. Air filters are designed to be user-replaceable, which means you can purchase new ones yourself and install them without the aid of an HVAC technician. When buying replacement air filters, make sure you buy the exact same size to avoid air leaks.

Have your air ducts cleaned. Dust and other small particles can make their way into your HVAC system’s air ducts and accumulate over time. If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in the past five years, have your HVAC contractor do it this season. In addition to removing dust and dirt in the air ducts, professional air duct cleaning may include re-sealing the joints. This will help improve HVAC system efficiency and maintain good indoor air quality by closing up air leaks.

Test your thermostat. You’ll be making adjustments to your HVAC system as the season gets warmer, so make sure your thermostat responds to changes to your settings. Test it by manually setting the temperature a few degrees off of your usual setting, then wait a few minutes to check if the air from the vents is cooler (or warmer). If the temperature seems to be the same or has jumped several degrees, then follow the troubleshooting steps as provided by the thermostat’s manufacturer. You may need to perform a full reset or replace its batteries.

Review the furnace shutdown procedure. If your heating system is a fuel-burning furnace, you have to follow proper shutdown procedures. The leftover fuel in its reservoir may create loud popping sounds the next time you start it up.

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