Questions to Ask When Comparing HVAC Replacement Quotes

If you’re getting a new HVAC system, it only makes sense to compare quotes before making your choice. In today’s post, local air conditioning company J & M Air Conditioning & Heating shares the questions you should ask when comparing quotes for an HVAC replacement.


What Brands Do You Offer?

If you’ve compared heating and air conditioning brands online, you may already have a few preferred HVAC system brands in mind. Ask the HVAC contractor which heating and air conditioning brands they offer and if they’re authorized dealers of those brands.

Will the Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Be Matched?

Whether you’re replacing both the heating and the air conditioning system or just one of them, you’ll want to have matching systems to get the most in terms of efficiency. A good HVAC technician can help you determine the actual benefits of replacing one system versus replacing both. Matched systems aren’t always the best solution due to variables like the house’s heating and cooling requirements, so having an HVAC technician run the numbers will help you make an informed decision on getting a matched system.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

In its most basic form, a factory warranty will only cover replacement of the defective component or unit, not the labor costs. Ask your contractor about the company’s guarantees, particularly labor costs, workmanship coverage, air conditioning service maintenance and other things not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to the coverage, ask the HVAC contractor who will be responsible for warranty registration.

Is Cleanup Included In the Contract?

Your old HVAC system will need to be hauled away after installation. While the homeowner typically arranges for disposal, some contractors will haul them off as an add-on to the installation service. If the contractor offers the latter, make sure it’s included in the quote.

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