Seasonal Allergies & How to Avoid Them

The risk of seasonal allergies becomes higher when your HVAC system’s filters aren’t properly cleaned and maintained. This can affect your family’s health over time, as well as cause your HVAC system to work harder than necessary and lead to more breakdowns down the road. If you find yourself constantly sneezing or coughing in your home, it may be best to have your system cleaned and filters replaced. Our air conditioning team explains what you need to know here:


Common Types of Seasonal Allergies

  • Pollen – Pollen is usually spread by bees and the wind, and can easily get into your home through open windows and doors. It can also be brought in on your clothes and shoes, where it can then get picked up by the indoor air circulating in your home.

  • Mold and mildew – You’ll find these in wet, humid environments, such as attics, ceilings, water-damaged roofs and even leaks from your home’s plumbing. They can cause significant damage to your roof’s inner structure if left unaddressed.

  • Pet dander – According to AFAA, three out of 10 people in the U.S. are allergic to dander from common household pets. Fortunately, the air filters in your HVAC system can effectively reduce the risk of triggering allergies from pet dander if they’re properly cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, your system can circulate dander in the air, which can trigger allergies in you or affected family members.

How Cleaning Your System Can Help Prevent Seasonal Allergies

Spring and summer can be difficult if you’re prone to seasonal allergies. You’ll need to have your heating and air conditioning system checked by a professional to prevent any types of particles or contaminants from circulating indoors. You should also clean your air filters regularly to keep your indoor air clean and safe to breathe.

When a professional technician checks your HVAC system, they’ll make sure that all its components are in peak working condition. They’ll also check your air filter for contaminants such as bacteria and replace it promptly when needed. In addition, they’ll inspect and clean your ductwork thoroughly to prevent dust from spreading throughout your house.

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