Signs of Air Handler Trouble

Air handlers are crucial to the operation and efficiency of air conditioners. They’re responsible for circulating and regulating air throughout the entire house, contributing to improved air quality levels and increased HVAC system energy efficiency.


That said, you should immediately take care of any problems with your air handler. In this post, J & M Air Conditioning & Heating — a top-rated heating and air conditioning service provider — lists some of the most common signs that your air handler is in trouble.

Condensate pan leaks. A leaking condensate pan is often an indicator of an air handler issue. This is especially common during hot summers when air conditioners work hard and create a lot of condensation, which tends to accumulate in the pan below the air handler. When moisture builds up in the pan, it can potentially overflow and cause water damage.

Contaminated blowers. Sometimes contaminants like mold can get into the blowers, causing your home’s indoor air quality to become poor. This usually occurs when the air conditioning unit, particularly the air handler, hasn’t received proper maintenance. That said, ensure regular maintenance and tune-ups for your HVAC system to prevent such issues.

Blower motor failure. Your blower motor can malfunction for various reasons. Typically, blower motors fail due to a bad relay or a problem with the run capacitor, control board or the blower itself. Make sure to call a professional to determine the cause of the problem and provide the necessary repair or replacement.

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