Understanding Common Heat Pump False Alarms

If you’re a new heat pump owner, it’s not uncommon to mistake operational differences for real-life problems, to the point that you think you need to call in a technician to make repairs. In this article, a heating and air conditioning service contractor clears up some of these misconceptions so that you can have peace of mind when running your heat pump.

  • Defrost cycle — This is a common problem that a lot of homeowners encounter during the winter months. Since the outdoor unit of a heat pump drops about 10°F during operation, it’s not unusual for the equipment to start freezing over. This prompts the defrost cycle to kick in. During this period, the heat pump will stop blowing heated air into your living space. But there’s no need to feel alarmed: in a little over 15 minutes, the heat pump should begin distributing warm air again. If it’s been longer than that, then it’s time to give a local technician a call.

  • Slower, quieter heating — While quieter heating sounds like a benefit more than a disadvantage, this can be quite alarming for homeowners who’ve used a furnace for a long time, according to furnace and air conditioning experts. During its heating cycle, the heat pump will deliver heat slowly and evenly, which is a stark contrast to the typical intense flurry of air that furnaces produce.

  • Emergency heating — Some brands of heat pumps experience difficulties when operating in extremely cold temperatures. So that homeowners don’t have to worry about staying warm, the heat pump will automatically switch on auxiliary heating mode. The problem is, some people assume that this feature must be turned on manually, leading them to turn on the emergency heating function. This mistake can cause a big spike in your normal utility bill.

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