When to Call for Emergency HVAC Service

HVAC issues are varied, especially during the summer. You’ll need to determine which problems are urgent and which only require a standard service call. J & M Air Conditioning & Heating, a trusted air conditioning service provider in the area, explains how to make that distinction.


What Counts as an HVAC Emergency?

HVAC breakdowns are not rare during peak season. You might want to call your local HVAC technician for emergency services if:

  • Your heating and cooling system doesn’t power on at all, even after checking the thermostat and the circuit breaker.

  • There’s a smoky or burning smell coming from your HVAC system. It might be dust particles burning off, which typically happens when you turn on an HVAC system that’s been inactive for months. But if the smell persists or gets stronger, there might be serious damage to the HVAC’s internal components or electrical connection.

  • You can hear bubbling or hissing sounds coming from your HVAC unit — a common warning sign of a refrigerant leak. And if the noise comes with a rotten egg smell, that might be a gas leak. To ensure your health and safety, don’t put off an emergency call to your trusted air conditioning and heating specialist.

What Constitutes General HVAC Work?

There are some HVAC needs that can wait, and these include:

  • A routine inspection and tune-up, which should be scheduled in advance of summer so there’s a technician ready and available.

  • HVAC installation. Unless the existing HVAC unit has completely broken down, a replacement or new installation doesn’t count as an emergency.

  • Air filter cleaning or replacement, which is a task that homeowners can perform on their own.

Just because your HVAC issue doesn’t qualify as an emergency doesn’t mean it won’t be prioritized. But it’s also important that technicians are available during the peak season so they can respond to real emergencies.

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