Why You Should Invest in a Whole-Home Air Purifier

If you let it, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can become a huge issue in your home. You can open your windows a few minutes every day so that allergens and other indoor air contaminants can escape outside, and fresh, healthier air can flow in. But this may not be enough. You can effectively mitigate poor IAQ by investing in an air purifier. It’s generally available in two types: an in-duct/whole-home system or a portable unit. And if you have to choose between the two? Go for the former.


The premier heat pump inspection expert and IAQ solutions provider, J & M Air Conditioning & Heating, shares what makes a whole-home air purification system much better than a portable one.

All-Encompassing Performance

One unfortunate fact about a portable air purifier is that it offers poor coverage. It can only clean the air of a single room, leaving the rest of your home still touched by air pollutants. An in-duct or whole-home air purifier, however, can trap and eliminate dust, dander, mold spores, and other contaminants in every area of your home, ensuring complete air purification.

Unobtrusive Design

Portable air purifiers take up valuable space inside your home. They’re also not exactly discreet, especially if you get a larger model, as their appearance can detract from the room’s overall design. This should no longer be an issue if you pick a whole-home air purifier. It’s practically ‘invisible’ because it’s installed discreetly into your home’s ductwork. But to get the most out of its performance, make sure your whole-home air purifier is installed by a reliable air conditioning service and IAQ expert like J & M Air Conditioning & Heating.

You won’t have to look very far for the best indoor air quality solutions. J & M Air Conditioning & Heating is an Authorized Dealer of Carrier® products, which means you have access to some of the highest quality whole-home air purification systems available today. Designed for noise-free and efficient performance, our Carrier options check all the boxes in what a good air purifier should be.

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