Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Repairs?

Your HVAC system can break down when you least expect it. While having a heating and air conditioning service contractor that you can count on can help make dealing with such situations a lot easier, there’s still the matter of paying for the repairs. In today’s post, J & M Air Conditioning & Heating takes a look at whether or not homeowners insurance will cover HVAC repairs.


Are HVAC Repairs Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

The short answer is yes, but there are conditions. HVAC repairs are generally covered under dwelling coverage (also known as dwelling insurance), the part of a home insurance policy that covers the home’s structure. In addition to the house itself, dwelling coverage includes fixtures and utilities.

It’s important to note that some insurance companies make a distinction between whole-home and window-mounted air conditioners, in that the latter is considered personal property and may not be part of the dwelling coverage. Repair costs for window-mounted air conditioners are generally included under personal property coverage.

Conditions Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is intended to help cover sudden, unexpected hazards like weather-related events, fires and damage from falling objects. This means HVAC failure due to old age and regular wear and tear aren’t covered. The same goes for neglected HVAC systems, such as when the owner fails to present evidence that they’ve been keeping up with scheduled heat pump inspection appointments, or if they decide to do some DIY repairs.

One of the most common causes of damage covered by homeowners insurance is hail damage. While hailstones on the West Coast are typically no larger than a quarter, they can still cause significant damage on an uncovered HVAC unit. A falling tree can likewise do major damage to an HVAC unit. If a fallen tree damages both your window-mounted air conditioner and the home’s exterior, you may want to ask your insurance provider if your dwelling insurance will cover both.

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