What You Need to Know About Electrification

As one of the most popular buzzwords in the energy industry today, electrification is arguably one of the most crucial aspects of decarbonization, which is essentially making the world a better place through clean energy. Here our air conditioning and heat pump inspection experts give more insight into this concept.


What Is Electrification?

Our persistent reliance on fossil fuels accounts for around 40 percent of the country’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in most commercial buildings. Meanwhile, half of all homes primarily use natural gas for indoor heating. Because most homes and buildings run not just on electricity but on multiple fuels, they’ve become one of the major sources of planet-warming pollution.

Electrification is a term that covers several solutions that aim to decarbonize the Earth’s atmosphere. This means reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and shifting to using electricity for heating and cooling. The end goal is to have all homes and buildings use electricity powered by cleaner grids and renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

How Can This Benefit Your HVAC System?

As a locally-trusted heating and air conditioning service contractor, we only want what’s best for your commercial property. As such, we highly recommend electrification as a good alternative to conventional appliances and equipment powered by fossil fuels. Many of these already have great electrical substitutes, so consider making the switch if you want a smaller carbon footprint as well as long-term savings!

You won’t have to start replacing all your fuel-powered appliances right away, of course. You can start with a few at a time, such as replacing your old boiler or furnace with an efficient heat pump. These don’t burn fuels to produce heat, but rather rely solely on electricity to send heat to where it’s needed in your commercial property. They can also expel heat from the indoors in a similar fashion to an AC system, which means they offer both heating and cooling in one unit!

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